We believe the way you communicate your company, your product, your service – nay, your reason for getting out of bed every morning and doing what you do – should be a complete and all-encompassing package. It’s about enticing visuals, engrossing words, beautiful design and a sound SEO and marketing strategy. Properly crafted, shaken and stirred, those ingredients fuse into a digital presence that truly and deeply communicates who you are as a brand.

And concocting cocktails is what we do.

As our principal and guiding light, Simone draws her recipes from skills that tentacle years of search strategies for Fortune 500 companies like Purina, Nestle and Mozilla, traditional and grassroots public relations, a trail of clever guerrilla marketing campaigns, more than a decade of professional commercial photography, a host of creative writing, and a knack for all things techie.

She’s a strong believer in team work and has surrounded herself with a fabulous international network of highly-skilled, super-talented, and really fun people to work with. This is also the reason – in case you were wondering  – why throughout the site, Simone slyly refers to her project accomplishments as “we”…

Her ability to analyze a client’s business and brew a dazzling potion of data, analytics, pixels, and words is nothing short of magic – and can transform a brand from raggedy housemaid to glass-shoe-wearing princess, leaving those jealous sisters in the dust.

But – why listen to her when good people are willing to testify on her behalf?

” Simone is a tenacious and dedicated PR & marketing professional who speaks her mind and clearly communicates her vision. Her eye for detail, industry experience and commitment to driving projects forward were great assets while we worked together to launch a new company/product line. Thank you, Simone, for your collaboration and passion for excellence! ”

– Amanda Manzagol, Certified Professional Business & Leadership Coach

Simone ultimately wants to sit on a beach under some swaying palm trees (far enough though from the falling coconuts) and write a novel about her ballsy Swiss great-aunt who spent 70 years traveling the globe – but in the meantime she can’t wait to hear YOUR STORY.

So go check out our services and projects, and when you are ready, get a hold of us.