The bar and restaurant industry harbors a dirty secret: every year, well over $7 billion of revenue is lost due to bartender theft, over-pouring of valuable liquor, and free drinks. It’s a major problem, and yet the industry has few options to fight back.

Suxessbar_website_wredcircleEnter: an Austria-based company with a simple and exquisitely precise system for tracking liquor bottles and their content. You’d think with revenue loss at stake like that, clients would be beating down their door. Except they didn’t – because the company had one huge problem: their unfortunately chosen name, Suxessbar, was landing their email promotions in the spam folder, and their poorly designed and functioning website was littered with cheap stock photography (which was also used by a competitor) and incoherent copy that didn’t explain nor represent their product very well.



So they hired us to lead their marketing/PR team and give their brand a boost of experience, good design, smokin’ SEO, sound copy and fresh, original photography. In less than 4 months, this is what our team achieved:

  • Developed the industry-friendly corporate identity of “BarMaxx”, with an attractive modern logo (hinting at the UPC scanner technology their product employed) and a full suite of printed and digital Corporate Identity pieces.
  • In collaboration with a design house, we completely re-designed the website to be interactive, logical, spiked with lots of multi-media, strong testimonials and thorough explanations and demos of the product.
  • Worked with an AV professional to script, shoot, and edit two high-quality videos for distribution on YouTube – a product presentation, and a testimonial.
  • Wrote all fresh, in-depth marketing copy for both the website and a three-fold brochure, with a strong eye towards SEO.
  • Photographed two high-end restaurants in Miami where the product is successfully installed, and did an in-studio product shoot of the components for sales, PR and marketing use.
  • Set up and implemented a sound social media and PR strategy.

The results speak for themselves: the company now has a name, presence and coherent platform they can confidently use to pitch themselves to potential clients with. Their SEO is strong, their YouTube videos each have over 65,000 views, and their press coverage is high-profile and consistent

The last 15 years in the marketing and PR business have taught us one valuable thing: it takes a whole lot of varied skill – ranging from solid business knowledge, strong aptitude  for all things web and technology, to deep prowess with images and design – to execute a successful re-brand. Call us today to chat about how our extensive skill set can help you get to that next level with your business.


“Simone is a tenacious and dedicated PR & marketing professional who speaks her mind and clearly communicates her vision. Her eye for detail, industry experience and commitment to driving projects forward were great assets while we worked together to launch a new company/product line. Thank you Simone for your collaboration and passion for excellence!”  
– Amanda Manzagol, Executive Leadership Coach

“Simone is a very solid, mature and capable marketer and PR consultant. I was impressed with her broad knowledge and experience base, something that paid in dividends for us, but is also different than what you often find with specialists. The common sense and business experience Simone holds helped us to nail the right message, image, branding and much more. She aided us in a complete re-brand, right down to basics like re-naming the company. Her sense/feel of image/brand is truly a core part of her personality, naturally.

She sourced various suppliers and consultants, managed the project timelines, tasks, and scrum meetings, and provided leadership, so we never had to worry about what was being done in the Marketing and PR sides. The speed at which we accomplished all in the timeframe we did is truly due to Simone’s task clarity and project management.

I have no hesitation to recommend Simone for those who want to get something done and something with the right image and brand.”
– John Zevgolis, CEO, Maxx Technologies Inc. (parent company of BarMaxx)

The Pieces (in order of implementation)

BARMAXX_Black_Blue_Logo BarMaxx_CorporateIdentity Scale_Comparison_w_bottles


Corporate Identity

Product Photography

BarMaxx_Homepage_Screenshot BarMaxx_GoogleRanking_BICS_small BarMaxx_TheForge_11.sized



Location Photography

BarMaxx_videostill BarMaxx_Brochure_Thumb BarMaxx_Press_Thumb

Videos: Product Demo + Testimonial

Print Brochure (PDF)

Public Relations