Complements Home Interiors

CHI_Old_Homepage_wredcircleLong-time photography client Complements Home Interiors came to us with a very unique public perception problem: They were neither known nor recognized for the unique triple-threat market advantage they harbored – they were extremely skilled and experienced high-end interior designers, had an extensive brick-and-mortar showroom, and were a fully licensed, bonded and insured residential contractor. But neither the company website nor Facebook page reflected any of this information – so how would anybody really know to take full advantage of what Complements had to offer? In addition, their SEO was non-existent and the company wasn’t even showing up in any search engine listing.

Sales were suffering, and my client made the decision to invest into a new marketing and PR approach to support their brand.


Here’s what we did for them over a time-stretch of about 4 months:

  • Working with talented web designer and developer Elise Michaels, the website was completely reworked into an elegant, dynamic, mobile-friendly WordPress site that now takes full advantage of the existing professional images the company has invested in over the years. The site exudes class and has a high-end feel that matches the target audience. The showroom is highlighted, a press section speaks to their credibility, and services are for the first time clearly explained.
  • We wrote all new copy for each section, with an eye towards strong organic SEO.
  • Curating the online image galleries on the website, we focused on perpetuating the sense of high quality and showcasing items that are steady profit generators.
  • Casting an extensive social media net to maximize image assets we set up Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, Google+, Yelp and Flickr – and populated them with relevant and image-heavy content.
  • We set up and implemented Google Analytics to keep track of referral traffic and overall SEO success, and make future marketing decisions based on that.
  • Gave the company the strong tagline “Your Style. Our Excellence.” to reflect their ability to accommodate all different styles of homes and design projects.

Result: While this project hasn’t even reached its PR phase yet, online outreach and SEO have put the company website into the prime spot in the organic search results for their target key words and phrases.  Since launch, the sales impact has been immediate and measurable – within less than 2 months, the client acquired 4 new valuable clients off the website alone.


It is our profound belief that a sound online strategy, combined with good web design, appealing copy and stunning imagery can trigger a whole new world of positive cash flow. Call us today and let us talk to you about your options of super-charging your web presence.