Obsidian Stock

We work with a lot of graphic designers. When their cries for Oregon-specific stock photography became so loud that we couldn’t ignore them anymore, we met with a friend and talented web developer to brainstorm ideas.

OS_Screencapture_smallA few weeks later, Obsidian Stock was born: the first locally-sourced, locally-run photo stock agency, focused exclusively on Oregon content, and committed to delivering high-quality images at affordable prices to clients, while helping photographers make a living.

We secured the URL, wrote a business plan, filed the LLC – and set out to conquer the world.

While our business-partner tackled the technical implementation of the site, we went to work branding the company, gave it a logo, Corporate Identity, and composed copy.

Over the next 3 years, we built a carefully curated, in-depth and diverse collection of thousands of high-quality images. We developed and implemented a strategic grassroots marketing plan, resulting in campaigns such as the Holga Camera contest, in partnership with Absolut Vodka. And when in 2009 the company was ready to go to the next level, we sold it. Just a laid out in the business plan.

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we KNOW start-up culture. And we love it. Their DNA is a profound part of who we are, and we adore their uniquely fresh dynamic and clean-slate sense of opportunity. We want to help you do it right, and start out with the best possible tools – so if you’re a start-up in need of a brand, a website, SEO tactics, or an innovative marketing strategy, give us a jingle and let’s talk.