Pencil Pushing

Me_reading_age2What did kids do before the internet? Before the X-box and the Wii? Before cell phones and endless text messages?

It’s rumored they poked sticks in the mud, rode their bikes and spent hours every day in the school library, reading books. Some of them even wrote stuff, like diaries or corny fantasy short stories with monsters and aliens. Some had several penpals they would spend whole afternoons writing to, relating their lives in excrutiating detail. They would take their 20 pages of carefully hand-written prose, stuff them into a paper envelope (gasp!), put a stamp on it, drop it into the mail – then wait 2 weeks for an answer.

(And yes – we admit to all of the above.)

Later in life – as a way to ensure that we’d be being able to cover our daily ration of chocolate – we took a job with a top-notch technology book publisher.  We were overjoyed to find that the skills of reading and writing, learned at age 5, could pay the bills as well.

Copious penning of press releases, newsletters, marketing copy and articles ensued. There was also some blogging. Actually – a lot of it.

And so – whenever we’re not entrenched in a work project – we let our inner scribe out of the pen to go run around a little. These are some of the things that tend to happen:



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Thumb_-BL_Firedancers-1 Thumb_BLH_BringingtheOutdoorsIn

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