The 7 Deadly Gins

We find ever-new and entertaining ways to further our skill set. Even on vacation. Not that Burning Man is your average vacation – it’s most people’s worst nightmare. Spending a week (or two) in the harshest climate on earth, survival camping? Not for everybody. But hey – we like it. If it’s good enough for the founders and CEO of Google, Tesla’s Elon Musk and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg it certainly is good enough for us.

PrintA couple of other things we really like: the incredible outpouring of creativity the event procures. And Gin & Tonics. We are really very fond of them. Isn’t it fabulous then that we were able to combine both and get a work project out of it?

Because as much as the event itself is utopian, it takes real-world money to build a theme camp and run a stylish, high-end bar – and as it turned out, fundraising is an essential part of the project. So what do you need to fundraise? A BRAND. And some smokin’ schwag.

Working with our camp mate, the hugely talented Ben Chandler (Design Director at Stranger + Stranger  – a packaging & design company, specializing in the alcohol industry), we conceived of not one, but TWO amazing logos which we used to communicate the theme of a traditional turn-of-the-century British Gin & Tonic bar, inspired by the lush, tropical qualities of India, South East Asia and Africa.

PrintStainless steel flasks, t-shirts, patches, glow-in-the-dark mugs, temporary tattoos (fun!) and stickers were sourced, emblazoned with the logos, and swiftly produced. A few secured URLs later, a website was put up, a Facebook page birthed, and finally, an IndieGoGo fundraiser launched. Combined with a separate raffle, we raised over $4,500 for the camp – enabling us to gift right around 4,000 cold and delicious Gin & Tonic drinks (think 225 liters of Bombay Sapphire) during 8 days, completely free of charge to the event’s parched patrons… and ultimately making the world a little bit of a better place, one cocktail at a time…

As of this writing, we have had 5 intensely amazing years, developing and shepherding this camp. Stay tuned to see where we take this fun brand next! 

As you can probably tell by now, we like quirky projects. We are also able to work with clients, no matter where they are located in the world. Between email, Skype, Facetime, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Docs, and a variety of other project management tools, we are fully locked and loaded to work with you – whether you happen to be in Oregon, Australia, Thailand or Europe. Drop us a line today! We even speak German (fluently), some Spanish (we manage), and can even hack our way through French and Italian (poorly, but we manage).

The Pieces

7DG_Flask_Real Print Patch
 Flask  Temporary Tattoo  Embroidered Patch
T-shirt  Print  Website_Screenshot
 T-shirt  Sticker Website
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Fundraising Facebook Page