The People of Burning Man Book

tpobm_coverAll the established publishers had turned the book down. They said the content was too extreme; that there wouldn’t be enough demand.

Then they asked if they could keep their review copies.

Here’s a good rule in book publishing: whenever the establishment says “No”, you know you’ve got something special and awesome on your hands.

So when our long-time friend and photographer extra-ordinaire Julian Cash approached us with his conondrum, we took one glance at the amazing content and immediately knew we had to take the campaign grassroots – tapping into the wonderful community that helped co-create these magnificent images with their costumes, smiles, body paint and courageous sense of radical self-expression.

Kickstarter was a perfect fit. Julian produced a super-fun video – and we promoted the heck out of the fundraiser with an innovative campaign of social networking, the creation of a host of “deputies”, and a deep commitment to giving back to the community.

The result: The project raised $4,000 in less than 12 hours, and reached its ambitious goal of $25,000 in a mere 15 days. In the end, the community had profoundly pulled together, and with over 500 backers, the Kickstarter overfunded by 150%, for a total of almost $37,000. Several thousand hard-cover copies of the book were printed to much praise and great press coverage – eternalizing on 200 glorious pages the enormous variety of art, beauty, humor and quirkyness humankind is capable of when given the freedom to express itself. [Get your copy HERE.]

This is what we love to do: finding and engaging a community. No matter if you sell pickles, write books about wealth management, or have just developed an app to track your daily intake of fruity snacks – there’s an adoring audience out there, ready and eager to be engaged and informed about your product. Let us help you find them.


“Simone did an incredible job of making the Kickstarter funding campaign for my Burning Man book into a great success. Her PR ideas were magnificent and worked perfectly. She’s great at steering the ship in the right direction and being fully detail-oriented. She understands social networking to a tee, and has an amazing visual design sense. Her writing style is compelling and technically flawless. The book project overfunded by close to 150%, raising nearly $37k – its success was a direct result of Simone’s hard work and PR genius. I hope to work with her on many more projects in the future.

– Julian Cash, creative talent extra-ordinaire, San Francisco, CA